Adult Coaching

Adult Group Tennis Lessons

Rushcutters Bay Tennis Centre offers fun adult group coaching sessions for players of all levels.

Adult Group Coaching is available Tuesday and Thursday nights 7pm – 8pm.

Payment is available per class, or 10 and 5 passes are available to purchase at a discounted rate.

To book your lessons is simple, just register online and choose your level and your day.

Ladies Social

Thursday 10am-12 noon

Ladies Social Tennis is designed to develop stroke technique, game strategy and fitness. The second hour puts you in a game situation with your peers playing doubles while our coach observes and provides helpful tips on stroke technique and effective game strategy. It’s a fun way to get involved with tennis and meet other tennis enthusiasts.

Social Tennis

Saturday 3pm-5pm and Sunday 2pm – 4pm

Social tennis is offered on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Social is a stress free environment with fun being the aim of the game!

Playing tennis should be fun, and although you may be practicing to play in a competition budding players must also enjoy the social game also.

Bookings are essential!

Cardio Tennis

Thursday 7am – 8am for $25 per person

Bringing together a variety of cardio workouts and a range of fun tennis drills, Fitbit Cardio Tennis is all about quick fitness and great tunes.

Every Fitbit Cardio Tennis session is open to players of all ages and abilities. You don’t even have to be good at tennis to get involved. In fact, it doesn’t matter if you’ve never played before.

It’s all about having Fun whilst staying fit. Fitbit Cardio Tennis really is a workout that doesn’t feel like work and still gets a result!

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