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Rushcutters Bay Tennis

We're Open!

7 Waratah Street
Rushcutters Bay NSW 2011

02 9357 7332

Tennis Lessons and Coaching in Sydney

Tennis Centre and Cafe located in one of Sydney’s most picturesque parks.With something for everyone, we run tennis programs, coaching, competitions, social tennis, holiday camps and court hire as well as an offering of delicious cafe food and beverages. So whether you are a beginner, a professional or not the slightest bit interested in tennis, you are welcome here! Lavazza coffee is freshly brewed daily by our friendly baristas. Why not sit in the beautiful waterfront surroundings and enjoy the atmosphere.

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Corona Virus Update 25th May

Please note:

Sydney Sports Management and the team at Rushcutters Bay Tennis Centre is aware of recent announcements from the National Cabinet and NSW Premier regarding easing of COVID-19 restrictions and the updated Community Tennis Guidelines released by Tennis NSW on May 13th.  

Please note, we are not authorised to make any changes to our current COVID -19 operating model until we have approval from the City of Sydney.

We will let you know as soon as we can, when we are permitted to allow additional numbers of players on the courts and when we will commence our coaching programs and competitions. 

Thank you for your understanding and patience.


Junior Balls and Courts

Junior Balls and Courts

Juniors learning tennis have a great option with the Tennis Hot Shots program supported by Tennis Australia. There is no real reason that kids as young as six upwards cannot start to enjoy the sport, and the Tennis Hot Shots program is designed to involve the children as much as possible with the racket and… Read More

How To Place Your Serve

How To Place Your Serve

It starts the game and gives you the opportunity to take the advantage and dominate a match, of course it is the serve. Everybody knows how important the serve is, and you have no option but to serve. But apart from learning the serving technique the better players know where to position their serves. There… Read More

Coping With Racket Rage

Coping With Racket Rage

Anger on court is something we all know is to be avoided, but is a natural instinct when things tend to go wrong. And frequently bouts of “Racket Rage” appear on every tennis court in the world. Even the pro’s are not excluded from this blight, even though they are fully aware that it is… Read More