10-12 yrs Green Stage Hot Shots

10-12 yrs Green Stage Hot Shots

The Green Stage of Tennis Hot Shots follows on from the Orange stage, this stage and the kids play Challenger events on a normal sized court, with a seventy five percent compression green ball.

The kids always have fun and learn through playing without having to wait for explicit instructions by coaches. Skills are learned but without so much interruption.

The Green Stage

The Green Stage is played on a regulation sized court, with a green ball that is 75% compression. The net is 80cm, and the racket size is 25-27 inches. Players are aged from ten to twelve years of age and lessons vary from 45 minutes to one hour.

Green Stage Competencies

  • Location Skills – players learn to adapt quickly and change their footwork.
  • Body Control – students learn to catch one handed on both sides, whilst maintaining balance keeping their head and their shoulders level.
  • Serve – service skills such as changing speed and spin on first and second serves. Children are taught how to serve rhythmically, using the arms and legs to help weight.
  • Return Serve – how to quickly react and return the service down the line and across the court, together with change of the spin and speed of the return.
  • Baseline – players learn to rally between ten and fifteen shots over the net, varying depth, spin and speed. Keeping dynamic balance through the shots and using a circular swing on both sides.
  • Net – how to approach the net, to drive a volley and an attacking overhead.
  • Know the game – young students learn to identify their own game and their opponents. Use this knowledge to plan a way to defeat their opponent and analyse the game after.

Yellow Stage

After demonstrating all of the above competencies students will then be invited to join the Yellow Junior Coaching stage.

Players here are normally between twelve and eighteen years of age and the sessions are technique based that are a combination of all the best elements of Tennis Australia’s Hot Shots Program.

Both beginners and competent players are welcome and the students are divided into groups depending on their age, ability and success.

The idea behind the Yellow Stage is that it encourages young teenagers to play tennis at any level. All Yellow Hot Shots sessions are on a full sized court and normally last for around an hour.

If you live in the Sydney area perhaps in the Darlington, Paddington, Elizabeth Bay or Edgecliff areas then Tennis World Rushcutters Bay is the right place to take your children for their Tennis Hot Shots lessons.