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10 Tennis Tips For The Beginner

10 Tennis Tips For The Beginner

If you are just starting off playing tennis, the main thing always to bear in mind is not to expect too much too soon.

With this in mind here are ten tips that can help the newcomer start off in the correct direction.


As with most things in life you get what you pay for, the choice available to all players is vast and even if you have plenty of money it is a good idea to choose a racket in the middle price bracket. The main reason for this is that you will probably want to swap around your racket in the first few years. Always choose a racket that matches your body and grip size.

Take Some Lessons

Lessons are the best idea to improve even if you play regularly, and if you are a youngster then find a club that supports the ANZ Hot Shots program.

Practice Regularly

One of the best ways to improve your game is to simply play. Those players that play on a regular basis obviously advance their technique and style. They put into practice what they have learned in their coaching sessions and put it into a real game scenario.

Warm Up And Cool Down Effectively

Before and after playing always warm up correctly and take time to cool down. These exercises should always include some light jogging and stretching.

Always Stay Hydrated

Keeping sufficiently hydrated is important in every sport, and especially in hot weather. Many drinks now also include added minerals, but as long as you take on board plenty of water that is the main consideration.

Strike The Ball Well

When hitting the ball start by hitting it around waist height, as it is far easier to hit it after it has bounced and is on its way down. Later you can develop your technique for harder shots when the ball is higher in the air.

Work On Your Speed

Tennis is all about reaction time, and anticipating your opponent’s shots. If you work on your speed then you will have more time to react. A simple skipping rope can assist with fast footwork.

Learn The Correct Grip

Many shots use different grips, and to play the shot effectively you really need to learn all the correct ways to hold the racket. Remember bad habits start early and are hard to rectify.

Improve Your Fitness

As you progress stamina plays a big part in your effectiveness during a game. Aerobic workouts will assist and this can simply be done by playing even more.

Concentrate On The Point You Are Playing

You need to focus on the now, forget about what has just happened or what is about to happen, and focus on the point that you are playing. Getting frustrated about a past line call will not help you win the next point.

These ten tips can certainly help you when you start to play the game, even if you only pay attention to three or four of them you will see a difference.