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Hotshots Program T4 2019
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Hot Shots Tennis is a national Tennis Australia program that utilises modified courts and tennis balls to allow kids of all ages and skill level to play the game.

Children are separated into appropriate level groups and receive coaching from our team of professionals as well as an introduction to match play!

Hot Shots Launch 3-4 year olds

Hot Shots Launch includes a fun packed half hour lesson each week with professionally trained Coaches.

Lesson plans are based on a progressive format with new skills and strokes introduced each week according to their class level, with easy to use techniques.

Hot Shots Red 5-8 Year olds

Hot Shots Red includes the use of a modified (red) court and red ball which allows children of all skill levels to play the game.

Each lesson includes technical instruction as well as rallying and match play.

The children are also kept busy with a variety of gross motor skills activities which are heaps of fun!

Hot Shots Orange 8-10 Year Olds

Also using a modified court and the orange ball, this class allows children to play on a larger court with slightly faster tennis balls. Suitable for children who have completed the Hot Shots Red program or who have played tennis before.

It teaches new strokes, skills and strategies using techniques that allow easier understanding and rapid progression with an emphasis still on having fun and enjoying tennis!

The one and a half hour lesson includes match play practice so that kids are playing the game from the start!

The lesson also includes problem solving and decision making and bridges the important area between Hot Shots Red and the Hot Shots Green full size court.

Hot Shots Green 11 + Years

This more advanced class uses a full court and specialized green tennis balls, with the emphasis on improving skills and strokes and competitive match play.

Hot Shots Yellow

Suitable for ages 13+ years.

Private Coaching is also available for the kids!

Designed for those looking for individual instruction on their game. It is an excellent way for a raw beginner to get correct technique from the onset rather than develop bad techniques that are very difficult to change. Everyone has busy schedules so privates are designed to work around your schedule.

Building a relationship with a coach can be an excellent way for your game to continually improve. Over time the advice and training drills will get more challenging as your game advances. By providing constant feedback is the only way that a coach can understand where your game is at and where you want your game to go.
Please contact us to arrange the perfect coach for you!
Payment available per session, or 10 and 5 packs are available at a reduced rate.